Getting my feet wet

So, after being jobless for almost two and s half year, I’ve finally decided to get some training to get back in the field. I can’t say that I’ve been jobless, but it’s not the job that pays my bills without stressing out. I’m working 15-30 hours at HomeGoods store and 40-50 hours as caregiver for Home Instead per week. So, yes, it pays my bills, but I end up working 60-90 hours per week to barely survive. Any month that I don’t have to get help from kids is the good month.

Anyway, I’m scared about the training, it’s not what I’ve normally done before, but as always, no pain, no gain. It’s 8 weeks training program. I think class meets once s week, every Saturday. Not sure for how many hours. I haven’t figured out the details yet, one thing I know is that I have drained my saving account for this class ($995), do I have high hopes that it will pay off in the end.