Barely Surviving

So, it’s been a week already! I wish I can say that I’ve loved being home, but I’ve hated it! Most of the time, it feels so suffocating.

On Monday, we had a little scare.. Ba was complaining about her left arm hurting. So, I took her to get it checked out at Valley Care Hospital. They did EKG, checked blood pressure three times at intervals, did the blood test, did the sensory tests on her arm.. everything came out normal. Which makes me feel better, but I sure hope, it doesn’t come up later as something that went undetected.

Neil had his Court of Honor at Boy Scouts. He got his merit badge for cooking. Finally! He had completed ¬†everything in last May, but obviously, the paperwork didn’t get done for it.

Rest of the week has been a blur. I’ve hardly done anything. I did go for workout on Wednesday. That was a good change. But I will still continue to go in early morning on my regular days. After workout, I stopped by at Costco and New India Bazar for grocery shopping. Hopefully, I’m good for 2 weeks.

Friday, CrossFit Games started and I was tempted to sign up for it. But I know that I’m not there yet. My numbers won’t mean anything. I still did the workout (AMRAP ¬†in 10 minutes – 15 Power Snatches, 30 Double unders). This was the first time I actually did the DU as part of the workout. I always end up doing singles (x4). So, that felt good! I ended up with 95 reps.

I needed to stock up on groceries from Sikandar, so after the workout, I went to mom’s home till store opened. Kalpu was gone for her workout, so I didn’t get much time to hang out with her. Mom had her annual check up at 11 too, so they needed to leave at 10:30. I think I’ve stocked up enough for 2 months ($165 later). Now, this month starts with real challenge of lower grocery budget.

After I came home on Friday, Pooja and I had our Downtom Abbey date! We watched 2 episodes. As we were done watching and admiring that this was the best season so far, we said that only one more day till next episode! It wasn’t till later that I realized that it was the season finale!!! :( We totally didn’t see that coming! No wonder, the episode was 1.5 hour long! But there were no real cliffhangers. I’m already going thru withdrawals!

Friday evening was quiet without Neil and Avni. Neil left for his chill camp and Avni had soccer tournament. Avni returned on Saturday around 5. Neil got back at 11:30 on Sunday morning. I made Poha Aloo Tiki for lunch. Kids loved it!

Today, I got confirmation of my Unemployment Insurance. Along with that, got some other forms to fill out for job search. Getting it in the mail makes it a reality that I may have been ignoring. I just hope that I’ll survive next 6 months.