Not much progress

Last night, I went out for dinner with Jody and Myriam. All the ladies decided on dinner date while in parking lot to drop off the boys for Sea Base, FL. Deana and Linda couldn’t make it, so there is another tentative date for Tuesday night. I had a great time talking to Jody and Myriam (Kadlec). We met at Sauced restaurant at 6 and didn’t leave from there till almost 9! I don’t think I would go there again, as it’s a BBQ place and not many choices for vegetarian meals. But, I knew that going in, I was there for the company and it was worth going.

On the funding news, as disappointing and heartbreaking it is, JK wasn’t able to secure the money for the escrow money. Tom, our realtor, isn’t giving up yet and feels that everything will work out. I know it’s too late to think this way, but I never should’ve let this go this far without having 100% money secured. But JK was so confident at the time. Even though Pooja had warned me, I had that tiny little question about it too, but I truly wanted to believe that this was IT! I still believe that it’s going to work out, but we did need to wait on looking for a home until after we get the money, not just the promise of the money.