Home Alone!

It turned out that On Monday, around 4PM , we found out that union had decided to go on strike for 2 days. That put Janis in panic mode with 2 of our team members on vacation, one on his way out from Layoff, leaving me to be the only one remained at work from her team. We had a quick training on other functions that Janis is looking over in absence of other team members. We’re really hoping that the strike won’t last more than 2 days, but, you’d never know. We decided that I would work from home so that I don’t have to cross the picket line.

Because of this latest development, I didn’t get out of work until after 6:30. I almost wanted to skip stopping by at mom’s, but considering I was going to work from home, I wasn’t sure if I will come to office before leaving for NY. BTW, JK also bought his tickets for NY. Our flights are within 30-60 minutes both ways.

I got home from mom’s at almost 7:30. We started cooking dinner. Our plan was to stop by after dinner, but we realized that it would be too late by then, considering I was planning to bake mozzarella breadsticks. Once we go there, JK started talking to everyone and we didn’t get out of there till 9! Of course, I had good time catching up with everyone too. Besides, we had not much going on at home anyway, might as well hang out with friends.

Breadsticks turned out delicious!!!! The recipe is the keeper! No wonder I wanted to make them as soon as I saw them on Pinterest.  I had them for lunch for next two days!

Kids were gone to beach house with not much phone reception, so didn’t get to talk to them.

Tuesday was interesting. As I started to work early morning to get things going, I couldn’t VPN to my computer. I called helpdesk and they couldn’t find my computer on the network. They said that my computer must’ve been turned off. I was able to call Randy, who was going to stop by in office to check up things, and have him turn on my computer. So, I was able to work from home. But there wasn’t much work to keep me busy. I spent some of the time cleaning up my room.

It was Kalpu’s 40th birthday, so Dharmesh had invited us for the dinner. We got to their home at 7. We stopped by at Whole Foods to buy flowers for Kalpu and drove by my job to see if there were any picketers. There were only 1-2 picketers on each entrance.

We went to the Thai Restaurant in Danville for dinner. It was really good restaurant. I loved the decor and of course the food. After that, we went back to their home and had cake. Kalpu got the New iPad(iPad 3) for her gift.. same as me. Mom got her sari and kids got her the travel pillow. However, based on her text this morning, her REAL gift was the diamond earrings. DA must’ve given her this morning.

I tried to log on from home this morning and my computer was shut down AGAIN!!! so I just decided to come to work. Picketers did give me hard time in crossing the line and took several photos of me… to post them on their ‘Wall of Shame’ if I was union? I don’t know! Janis stopped by during her lunch time and was surprised to see me in office. lol She said things are chaotic where she’s assigned. They’re supposed to report tomorrow morning too, just in case strike goes on longer.

About kids… we weren’t too comfortable handing over the money for the rental apartment to the stranger and also about leaving kids there all alone (at least I was comfortable about that one). Last night I had hinted JK about keeping Harishmama as back up if the apt. deal doesn’t work out. He agreed right away! TOTALLY shocked me, but I wasn’t going to make a big deal in front of him. :) This morning I called mama and told him that kids are in his neighborhood and will be visiting him. He asked to have kids stay at his home. So, we canceled the apartment and have kids go to his home. He’ll be taking the kids around tomorrow. It will be interesting to see how it all goes. Kids might be disappointed not to have their own apartment, but it’s for their best. I just didn’t feel safe.

After work, I’m planning to stop by at mom’s to pick up dinner. She wanted me to stop by for lunch but I told her that I’ll come over in the evening to pick up for dinner. Glad I didn’t go, otherwise I would’ve missed Janis when she came by in her lunchtime. After that, planning to go to the mall to Apple store to see they would replace my magic mouse. I might end up having to buy a new one. JK need to buy some new clothes for wedding, so he’ll be meeting me there.