Palak paneer!


There was a function for senior citizens at Livermore temple today. JK took Ba-dada to the temple at 10 and then, went to office. Pooja was working at library at 12, so I made masala pasta from last night’s leftover pasta. As I was cooking corn with jalapeño, garlic, ‘lasaniu marchoo’ and garam masala, Neil came to kitchen and frowned at the thought that we still needed to finish the pasta from last night. Just then, I dumped entire container of pasta in corn! LOL He was just shocked at that. he didn’t see that coming! LOL

Avni had soccer practice at 1, so I dropped her off at the park. I would’ve let her take the car, but I was expecting a call from Ba-Dada at 2, to pick them up from temple. JK ended up picking up Avni from the park as he was just leaving from office. I asked him to pick up milk from Costco on his way home as we were completely out and would save me a trip. Just as he was picking up Avni, I got call from Ba, so I had JK pick them up too. I saved myself 3 trips!!!

Pinka was on FB and we ended up talking for a bit. Then, I just decided to call her instead. Once I gave a phone to JK, that was end of it! We had been talking to her over hour and half. I had to remind him that it’s already midnight for her in UK! She’s going to Mansarovar, India in June and want me to join her. That would be one awesome trip. Let’s see how things go by then!

JK had picked up baby spinach from Costco to make masala palak paneer. He wanted to try it out after it was posted on ShowMeTheCurry yesterday. It turned out really good! He had told Pinika that he’s making it tonight, so he wanted to make sure that I post the photo on FB and give him the credit for it! :) Neil didn’t get to try it because he was gone for birthday party at his friend Andrew’s home. But he made sure that we save it for him for tomorrow. He hates it when we try out new recipe in his absence.

I did my one last splurge on scrapping supplies. But I got really great deal at $8. I got 5 items (journaling cards, alpha, templates.. ) from Julie Billingsley and photo masks, alpha, notecards, paint cards by Misty Cato. I had $13 coupon from Juile. On top of this, I got 3 mega kits for FREE!  Couldn’t beat that! But this is it. I won’t be buying anything more until I have better income. Oh, I also got mega journal card sampler pack from the Lily Pad. The pack contained 50+ cards!!! What a great freebie! There are some really good cards in that pack!

I made tiny progress on my Project Life page. I want to finish journaling on it before I go to sleep! Let’s see if I can make it happen!