Happy Raksha Bandhan!

Yesterday was RakshaBandhan Day. It was a bit different than all previous years, because we had been spoiled of Dharmesh living only a mile away from us. He recently moved about 20 miles from us and we actually had to plan it out on how we’ll manage it.

I was working,  Kalpu had a longer day at her office and Pooja had evening class in college (another first for us), so best time we could come up with to get together was after Pooja comes home from college. It turned out that Neil had a physical fitness merit badge meeting at 6 in the evening too!

I took Neil and Avni to Arnav’s home in the morning before I went to work, so they can spend some time together before leaving for their NY trip. They haven’t been there since Nikhil and Dilan went back to Chicago. I picked up Neil after work to take him to his meeting. We stopped by at the store (Sikandar) to buy rakhis, kaju katri  and some grocery. I got home just in time to take Pooja to college, but JK was home already so I didn’t need to drop her off. She took my car to the college and later I took JK’s car to pick up Neil.

We stopped by at Target to buy gifts for Avni and Pooja (Raksha bandhn gifts from Neil to girls). They both wanted backpack/laptop bag, so that’s what we bought. Also bought a travel size spray bottle for Avni for her body spray and dry shampoo spray for Pooja. Neil also planned to give $20 each from his NY trip savings. I’m not sure if he really did give them money though. I’ll need to ask him about it. Usually, they’re all very generous when it comes to giving each other.

Got home and cooked dinner for JK, since he wouldn’t be coming with us. Pooja had finals today. She said that she did great in finals. She got home at 8:30, so we left to go to Arnav’s home as soon as she got home.

After the Rakhi tying and taking traditional pics, we had dinner. Then, came the fun part. We went shopping in Kalpu’s closet for the dresses, sari and jewelry for upcoming wedding. Kids are leaving in 2 days, so we’re finalizing everything. While we were checking out the dresses, I asked Kalpu about what kind of shoes Neil should wear with his traditional dress(salwaar). That opened up the door to Dharmesh’s closet! LOL Dharmesh gave him his white shirt, blazer and shoes. Can’t believe that Neil is big enough to ‘shop’ from his closet!!!!

By the time we got home, it was almost 11:30! Once home, we sat down and decided what Pooja was wearing for each of 5 wedding events. To my disappointment, she picked one of the sari I REALLY wanted to wear. :) Pooja brought Kalpu’s ‘universal blouses’ (Black, gold, silver and multi-colored), so we might still switch around on who wears what. She did bring lots of bracelets from Kalpu, since mine don’t fit Avni or Pooja. Tonight, I’m hoping to get/match all the jewelry together for both girls. Pooja is going to Oakland in the evening for her campaign meeting, so won’t be coming home till late night. Avni and I might get head start before she gets home.

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