Rava Dhokla

These are kids’ favorite after school snack! Also great for potluck. I usually mix khaman and dhokla together.


1 cup rava/sooji(cream of wheat/semolina)

2 TBS yogurt

1 tsp salt

1 TBS vegetable oil

1 grated jalapeno pepper

1/2 inch piece of grated ginger(or 1 tsp ginger paste)

3/4 cup water

1 tsp Eno fruit salt


First, add oil to sooji and mix well. Add salt, grated jalapeno, ginger and yogurt. Mix it well. Add water. Add a spoon or two if needed. Consistency should be similar to pancake batter.

While you’re getting all this together, start heating the water in the pot. Add the metal ring in the center of the pot. Water should be no higher than the ring or else it will get in the dish of the batter. If you don’t have the metal ring, you many place a bowl instead.


As the water starts heating up, insert the greased high rimmed dish in the pot.

Once the water comes to boil, add ENO to the batter. You can find ENO at Indian grocery store or any other department grocery stores.

Pour the batter in the dish.

Sprinkle red chilli pepper over the batter.

Cover the pot.

Let it cook for about 10 minutes on high. Set the timer, if you’re multi-tasking. Believe me it’s easy to get side tracked and forget about it. :)

Check to see if it’s fully cooked by inserting the knife or toothpick. If it comes out clean, you can turn off the stove. If not, cook for about a minute or two more. Once it’s cooked, take out the dish and start another batch. You might need to add some more water and let it boil for few minutes before adding batter to the dish.

You can also choose to sprinkle black pepper powder instead of chilli powder.

While the dish is cooling down, start working on the seasoning.

Heat the oil, add mustard seeds, seasame seeds and asafoetida. Once they start popping, add the jalapeno peppers. Let it cook for a minute.

If the dish has cooled down, make the diamond shaped cuts.

Drizzle the seasoning over it.

Steal a few before kids find out and take them all! I’m not kidding! Once, I had them set aside to cool while I was getting the seasoning ready, by the time I turned around to drizzle the seasoning, there was nothing left in the dish!!!


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