Meeting Pinika tonight!

Short summary of the week…

Went to Kalpu’s for lunch on Friday. I asked her to make Pizza quessadilla. Her niece Sapna is moving here next month, so I’m excited about it. I don’t know why *I* should be excited about it, but I am hoping Pooja will make friendship with her. They used to get along great when they were younger. Pooja or Avni doesn’t have any Gujarati friends here, so I’m looking forward to have at least someone of their age to relate to.

On Friday evening, JK and I went out for dinner at Chaat Bhavan with JK’s friend Sameer Shah and his wife. She’s just came from India about a month ago. It was great to meet her. And I might’ve gained a new friend. I invited them over for dinner on Saturday. I made dal baati and gatta biryani for dinner. We sat and chatted till 11 (both nights), which doesn’t happen very often. Inviting her for dinner motivated me to print all the recipe cards I’ve been meaning to print for longest time. I ‘extracted’ them from my Project Life pages and sent them to print at Costco. I printed 3 copies of it.. one for me, one for her (Jaimini) and one for Kalpu. Now, I’m thinking I might give my copy to Pinika.. not sure yet.

Sunday, Ba, Neil and I cleaned up boxes from Neil’s room. Rearranged some stuff, put away other stuff in different piles – donate, throw away, give away to Dhaval as he’s just starting his new home. Got lots more to go thru, but we were planning to go to Kalpu’s home for dinner at 4:30 as soon as Pooja came home from work. Jayshreeben and Tusharkumar are here from India, so dad had invited them for dinner. We only meet Margi when Jayshreeben is visiting or for Sundarkand path at her home or Rajubhai’s home.. but I always enjoy visiting her.

Monday.. went for CrossFit training in the morning… I did 640 jump ropes and 160 sit ups in 19:22 minutes. I have a long way to go in improvements.. but I’m working on it. Avni is staffing for Weblo (cub scouts) camp. Neil had stayed at Arnav’s on Sunday night, so I picked him up on my way home for his boy scouts meeting. Kalpu had spilled the beans and told the boys about Neil joining them for Alaska trip. Neil had a big grin on his face! :) He felt that his friends are going to think that he’s spoiled for making so many awesome trips this summer! I got to see awesome video trailer that Bruce made of their Seabase trip. I’m looking forward to get my hands on rest of the pics.

Yesterday, I picked up grocery from Costco to make olive salad sandwich mix. Neil and Avni helped chopping everything to make the mix. It’s been our favorite filling for the sandwich.

I had thought that Pinika was staying at San Jose, so when I initially asked her to come to my home and caravan to go to Yosemite and she said that it might be out of the way.. I didn’t push her. But this morning, I realized (with JK’s help) that she’s staying in San Francisco and will be passing right by our home, I asked her to stop by for dinner before start driving to Yosemite. This way, we can all go there together. They all are looking forward to eat khichadi after having to eat out for whole week! She has rented a home (cabin) for 2 nights. Avni is looking forward to it. Unfortunately, this might be her only highlight of summer unlike Neil, who went to Washington DC (from school), Camp Royeneh (boy scouts), Sea Base, Florida (boy scouts) and Alaska (with Arnav)!