Great week!

Neil came home from Sea Base, FL yesterday. He had a blast there! They went snorkeling, fishing, slept in hammocks, lived on ‘Island time’…

While the boy scouts’ boys and dads were gone having fun on the island, us moms made the best out of it too! Jody, Myriam and I met for dinner on Thursday night. Then, I went to the meeting on Monday because I needed to deliver some t shirts. I was expecting a short visit since I didn’t have Neil at the meeting. Instead, I ended up staying in park till 10pm talking with Jody and Roxanne!!! They’re just so much fun to talk to! Then, Jody invited Roxanne for Tuesday dinner that we were having with rest of the moms. Deanna, Linda (Thomas’ mom), Myriam also joined us for dinner. We ended up staying till the close of the restaurant. We were still hanging out in parking even after the restaurant closed and owners left from there. I definitely had a great social week!

Avni got her learning permit for driver’s license today!!! I’m so not ready for another teenage driver! She’s super excited about it!