Morgan Territory Park Hike

First thing in the morning, when I got to kitchen, I was reminded that if I plan on staying home for a while, I’m going to need lots of patience. It’s only Sunday! My first day off isn’t even till tomorrow and I’m already dreading it! :( Not having support from one person that you should be able to count on, doesn’t help the matters.


Anyway… I had laid out the plan for entire day. I had decided to make Khaman for lunch, but then, JK mentioned about sev-khamani. So, I told him that we have some in the freezer that we can have on the side. So, we had khaman and sev-khamani for lunch. Neil had been craving for tortillini for 2-3 days, so I let him make some of that too.





I really wanted to go visit mom with kids in the afternoon, but that plan got chopped off. Pooja wanted us to go hiking at Morgan territory anyway, so that’s what we did. It was such a beautiful hike! The trees and atmosphere is almost like rain forest. I can not believe that we’ve never been there for all this years. It’s right in Livermore!!! As Pooja and Neil mentioned, we have so much beauty right here in our own town and we drive 3 hours to go looking for it! Of course, nothing can compare to beauty of Yosemite, but this one is a great substitute when you only have 2-3 hours.

20140223-230432.jpgOn our way to the park, we spotted one really futuristic spaceship looking vehicle. It was so cool and interesting! At first, we thought it was one of those remote control car or something. As we got closer to it, we noticed that there was a man sitting in there riding it! I had to post it on Facebook right away to find out what it is. Turns out, it’s Recumbent. Darcy’s dad in making one of those!

20140223-231326.jpgAs soon as we got home, it was time for me and Avni to go to Safeway to sell Girl Scout cookies. I was the only adult there. I usually look forward to cookie booths to catch up with Melanie. But this year, she refused to sell cookies because of the higher prices. They raised the prices from $4 per box to $5 per box this year. It wasn’t too bad being alone. I had fun joking around with girls. It was much needed tome away from home.

On our way home, Avni and I stopped by at Mr. Guido’s home to pick up harness that we forgot from last week’s rock climbing. Then, stopped at Target to buy bananas and apples. JK had made pizza on tortilla for dinner.